As the Snow Falls

Tornados, Clothes, and Sevens Oh My!

Posted on: January 23, 2010

The tornado spins

twists and turns

rearranging the clothes

an attack on my drawers

The floor now overgrown

an unmowed lawn of clothes

Weeds amounting

to mountains of books

finished homework

a torture device

for children

The lady walks in

frightened by the trail

of destruction


by the tornado.

Ahhhhhhhhh I’m so lazy. Every day i clean my room, but it ends up being destroyed by nighttime- every night at checkin the people say, well sarah you passed but you stillll need to clean some more.


I don’t wanna clean

im tired, grumpy, and lazy.



2 Responses to "Tornados, Clothes, and Sevens Oh My!"

This totally speaks to me! This is my life as well!! You put it so beautifully! Thanks for that!! I needed to see that I am not alone in my chaos!! Keep up the fight!!

Thanks and You’re welcome (: I think everyone in this world is surrounded by their own little version of chaos, mine just happens to be keeping everything clean.

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