As the Snow Falls

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The harmonious

Note drifting in the summers

warm, refreshing breeze.

Tumbled and rumbled


to the listeners ear

the distraught conductor

flourishes his arms

forcing the volume

to rise, then sink

the final note

on that warm summers day

hovering, as the people play

their instruments,

their tools for joy

to them,

 they are a children’s toy

the note ends

the audience stands


They have finished

They are done.

They are relieved.


Once Upon A Time

Happy endings grew on trees

the world was you and  me

and no matter what we did

no matter where we went

at least we knew we were together

Once upon a time,

every ending was the same old

fairy tale

relived again and again

but then we decided to break from that pattern

and create our own finale

Was it worth it?

Do you care?

Does it matter?

That what was there

is now lost to the world of never-mores and I wish that didn’t happen’s.

Once Upon a Time says fairy tale

But without happily ever after

what is left?

Of our lives?

Of you and me?

can it be, that

we no longer are friends?

One more time,

I beg you please

to make those leaves grow back on the trees

and write a new ending to this book called life

but unfortunately

nothing can be erased.

I don’t know, just one of those nostalgic days.

Eesh! Exams week is getting to me. Currently I have five more days left until spring break and those days will be jam-packed with essay-writing, studying, studying, studying and let me see, some more studying. I hate the end of term, but at the same time i love them.

It seems like we have to work wicked hard in order to be allowed those three weeks of miraculous rest. The way the school makes before break could be classified as a form of torture- at least in my opinion.

I sit in class, three days before it’s time to leave this dreary campus and go home. In my mind the palm trees are rustling around me, stirred by that southern wind. The seagulls flock the air, scrounging to for any food that they can find. The heat of the sun bores into my skin, and I am relaxed into a tropical paradise, and then with a slap of the book on the table, and a question asked to me, I am once again dragged into the dreaded world of winter testing. Although my vacation definitely won’t be spent in the Bahama’s or any other tropical place, I myself like to think that that’s what’s waiting for me when I’m driven off campus.

Currently, I have a french project, history paper, english project, and have to study for algebra 2a and bio, but I am forced to bear the repetitive pounding in my head and neck from this terrible headache. My mind is turning to mush as I write because of this headache. I think it might be a stress one, but what ever. I feel like there’s a battle going on in my mind, lets say the Civil War. the Confederates vs. the Union, battling to free themselves, and retake back the land that had succeeded. The cannons blast in my head and the rickashays bore into my brain, painfully destroying it.

While my capacity to concentrate on work has diminished, my capacity to make up weird stories has not. And with that I bid you adieu.

SO, yesterday I was in our school store trying to charge money to my parents account because I was out of money, which I guess is illegal, and I saw this kid who’s my friend, and another guy buying stuff for their end of term english project. The kid i’m friends with is on crutches and has been sick, so he’s been falling behind on homework, and since his partner does like nothing, I thought why not help them. When I asked him if he needed any help, he looked at me, but it wasn’t just like a normal look, it was different. It was as if he was trying to figure out my intentions, it was a look that when straight into my heart. I’m not really sure if he knows he gave me that look, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while. It was a very kind gaze.. and then he said that if I wasn’t busy, or bored then I could but he didn’t want to take me away from my project.

A lot of people don’t really like this kid- I mean they like him, but not all the time. This kid is very… old-fashioned and sometimes kinda harsh but I have a feeling he’s really sweet inside. Recently he’s started to talk to me more and more, so I don’t know. maybe something’s there.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a really long time. Currently I’m sitting in biology class, listening to people rattle off reasons for why water buffalo and whales are more closely related than sea lions and whales, and I’m sitting here wondering if the theory of evolution will become extinct as many other theories have over the years, as we have uncovered more and more evidence pointing another way.

As far-fetched as the idea of an alien species dropping off people on our planet because theirs died sounds, imagine how far fetch Charles Darwin sounded all those years ago. He proposed something completely opposite of the accepted facts, and was called crazy and not listened too, and yet a hundred years later I’m sitting in class learning these things. That makes you wonder, what will our great-grandchildren be learning, as they sit in the same seat I do today? Will they even sit in a seat? Will school be attended through video cameras? What does the future hold? No one can ever tell what the future will hold, for all we know the 2012 fanatics are correct. While we can supposedly chart the past through carbon dating and all sorts of fancy science stuff, it is impossible to chart the future.

Back to the theory of evolution. I’m catholic. Creationism and all that, but I can see how people would understand this evolution thing. It makes sense that a segment of a population that can’t reach that food would die out so that eventually that animal is taller (ie giraffe) but can you not see someone elses hand in that? The theory of evolution dies out once you hit the big bang. They say two particles collided, but why? where did the particles come from? It doesn’t make sense that nothing came from something by the theory of evolution, but by genesis, it does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those crazy creationists who isn’t open to other ideas- quite the opposite. But since I’m so young, so open to different views, I question everything and as far-fetched as the idea of a God can be, I think it’s even more far-fetched to base an entire theory off of one thing that you can’t figure out how it started. Maybe God made those things collide, and if that was true, than evolution would be guided by his hand…

I don’t know. Just some food for thoughts.