As the Snow Falls

Hey guys.

Posted on: February 26, 2010

Sorry I haven’t posted in a really long time. Currently I’m sitting in biology class, listening to people rattle off reasons for why water buffalo and whales are more closely related than sea lions and whales, and I’m sitting here wondering if the theory of evolution will become extinct as many other theories have over the years, as we have uncovered more and more evidence pointing another way.

As far-fetched as the idea of an alien species dropping off people on our planet because theirs died sounds, imagine how far fetch Charles Darwin sounded all those years ago. He proposed something completely opposite of the accepted facts, and was called crazy and not listened too, and yet a hundred years later I’m sitting in class learning these things. That makes you wonder, what will our great-grandchildren be learning, as they sit in the same seat I do today? Will they even sit in a seat? Will school be attended through video cameras? What does the future hold? No one can ever tell what the future will hold, for all we know the 2012 fanatics are correct. While we can supposedly chart the past through carbon dating and all sorts of fancy science stuff, it is impossible to chart the future.

Back to the theory of evolution. I’m catholic. Creationism and all that, but I can see how people would understand this evolution thing. It makes sense that a segment of a population that can’t reach that food would die out so that eventually that animal is taller (ie giraffe) but can you not see someone elses hand in that? The theory of evolution dies out once you hit the big bang. They say two particles collided, but why? where did the particles come from? It doesn’t make sense that nothing came from something by the theory of evolution, but by genesis, it does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those crazy creationists who isn’t open to other ideas- quite the opposite. But since I’m so young, so open to different views, I question everything and as far-fetched as the idea of a God can be, I think it’s even more far-fetched to base an entire theory off of one thing that you can’t figure out how it started. Maybe God made those things collide, and if that was true, than evolution would be guided by his hand…

I don’t know. Just some food for thoughts.


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