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So I’ve been ‘dating’ with this guy for the past week, the one aforesaid mentioned in a previous article and I have to say. Tonight was terrible. The fella can not kiss for his life.

Today, or should I say yesterday as I am up into the late hours of the night, our school had our winter dance- nothing formal, just a dance held by the parents for us to have fun at. Alex, he could not dance for his life at first; he had no rhythm and when i tried to grind with him it didn’t work out well. Eventually, he caught on, and it was going great. I have CCD, sunday school, this morning at 10:15 am so I told him that I was going to go at 10:30 so I could get some sleep; keeping to the plan we walked back to in front of my dorm (as I go to a boarding school..) and he kissed me goodnight.

Oh that kiss. It was just awkward and terrible. I never really appreciated how good my ex was at kissing because I hadn’t kissed anyone before him, but Alex.. oh my my. When he went I thought it was just a peck on the lips, and then would evolve into making out, but no he went straight for it. His teeth kept hitting mine, his tounge overwhelming my mouth and I was left walking away wiping my mouth from his slobber. It was nasty.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy, but if we are going to go out I want the kissing to at least be satisfactory and leave me wanting more instead of me wanting to run away. I feel as if thsi entire thing moved way to fast and we are going at it too quickly- i’ve only known the guy for a couple of weeks and I don’t think that’s enough to judge how he is.

Alex, while being sweet, is sort of socially awkward and NOT the most attractive guy. I’m thinking that with the grinding it’ll get better but i don’t know if I can bare much mroe of that. People with more relationship experience HELP ME PLEASE!