As the Snow Falls

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Please let my know what you think…

I close my eyes

Let sleeping dogs lie

awake to watch the stars

fly by

passing us without a thought

a sacred wish

never caught

Dreams lay scattered

like stars above

a lonely white

flying dove

a sign of peace

never recieved

a suffering child

never relieved

of the pain on earth

never a day

where the burning sun

gives way

to spattering raindrops

hitting the ground

making the slightest

whispering sound

the soft voice

of the world as one

growing louder and louder

until its a hum

then a bang of thunder

shakes the air

voices merge together


planet earth

speaks as one

under this burning,

 shining sun.



Posted on: January 18, 2010

Let us die young, or let us live forever

We don’t have the power but we never say never…

As I lay here, my heavy eyelids drifting closed as my fingers dance around the keybord, I am onslaught with many memories; the ones that count. I remember the special moments, with that special someone; the spots in time when it never seems like the laughter will end and you are forever entangled in a world of happiness. But as always, the moments where the world surrounds you with darkness and yyou feel alone even though there are dozens of people ready to surround you with love and care. This blog, to me, is a way to not only express my feelings on paper but to provide someone entrance into a teenagers mind. As you are reading this entry, your first thought might be ‘I experience that every day’ but I can honestly guarentee that you don’t. No one knows how I feel, what I know, nor what I think. I am a teenage girl on a scholarship at a  boarding prep school who isn’t the preppiest person you will meet. I’m not the prettiest girl in the dorm, nor am I the richest. I am the one who grew up with all sides of the story and because of that I see a point in every persons argument. Not only am i writing this blog for you to read, i am writting this so one day, far away into the future I will be able to remeber my thoughts and that openminded sense that comes with being young. I don’t want to forget this feeling by becoming lost in my own little world- although that may be the easiest thing to do, it is not at all what I want.

And with that, I bid you goodbye and wish you a safe and wonderful internet experience (: